Salmon Bay is the largest supplier of Stucco and Stucco related products in the Northwest. Stucco, also called Portland Cement Plaster, has always been a favorite exterior cladding system here in the Pacific Northwest. The ability to apply a field mixed product to any suitable wall surface, regardless of shape, while having a variety of textures and colors to choose from, has appealed to designers of commercial and residential buildings for decades. Innovations in “water managed” Stucco Systems, in recent years, have addressed the concerns of water infiltration through building penetrations and makes Stucco a better cladding system than ever before.

Salmon Bay sells a variety of packaged Stucco Products, as well as the traditional pile of sand; accompanied by sacks of cement and lime. We stock a complete line of Lath, Wire and Trim items which can be found on our “Lath and Trim” page.