These admixes increase the rate of early strength development, reduce the time required for proper curing and protection and speed up the start of finishing operations. All of these features are particularly beneficial in cold or deteriorating weather conditions. The simplest accelerator for concrete is Hot Water. Salmon Bay will make hot water available, as and addition to concrete mixes, from October until about March. It is available by request, based upon the volume of concrete requested. Calcium Chloride is the next most basic of accelerating admixes. It is old technology that is used typically during cold weather. It is not suggested for use in colored concrete or allowed in placements containing large concentrations of steel. MasterSet AC 534 is Salmon Bays admix of choice for accelerating set time in concrete. It improves curing time and reduces set time, is fine to use with colored concrete and has no deleterious affects on steel, since it is a Non-Chloride accelerator.

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