As the name implies, these admixes reduce the required water content of a concrete mixture by approximately 5-10 percent. Concrete containing less water, which still maintains the desired slump, is usually a higher strength concrete. By reducing the water content in a yard of concrete by as little as 1 gallon; the 28 day strength can be improved by as much as 300-500 psi. There are 3 ranges of water-reducing (WR) admixes; normal-range (5% water reduction), mid-range (8%) and full-range (10%). Salmon Bay’s 3 WR’s are MasterPozzolith 200N (normal-range), MasterPolyheed 997 (mid-range), and MasterGlenium 3030NS (full-range) Salmon Bay’s 3 WR’s are: 200N (normal-range), 997 (mid-range), and 3030NS (full-range).

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