Stucco has been a popular look for centuries, but traditional stucco has also been plagued for centuries by cracking exteriors and performance issues stemming from the rigid nature of the system. By combining Old World methods with New World technology, you can get the stucco wall assembly you want with the performance you need from Stucco Systems by Dryvit.

Dryvit offers five different improvements on the traditional stucco system with our Commercial Cement Plaster systems. Dryvit offers a new dimension to an “old” solution by providing a variety of stucco assemblies suited to the architect’s need for both performance and aesthetics. Leveraging the latest in 21st century chemistry, Dryvit CCP systems can include superior air and weather-barrier performance, as well as a multitude of flexible, high performance, polymer-based finish options that resist cracking and enhance performance.

Stucco systems include: 

  • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP 1)
  • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP 2)
  • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP 3)
  • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP 4)
  • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP 5)