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Question: Do you have provisions to recycle concrete or asphalt?

Answer: No we do not, however we can refer you to Renton Concrete Recyclers: 500 Monster Road S.W., Renton, Washington – 206-772-2278

Question: Do you pump concrete?

Answer: We supply jobs with a good pump-able concrete mix, but the pump trucks are supplied by others, please search Seattle “Concrete Pumping Companies”

Question: What is your delivery area?

Answer: Please use our “Do We Deliver” search tool to find our delivery areas for Concrete, Sand & Gravel and Construction Products

Question: How do I find your location?

Answer: Please visit our Contact Us page

Question: Does Salmon Bay accept Credit Cards?

Answer: Yes we take Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards as well as Debit Cards, for Deliveries and in Store Purchases.

Question: Are you open Saturdays?

Answer: We are open Monday through Friday and not on the weekends.

Question: Can I pick up Sand or Gravel with my pick-up or trailer?

Answer: Yes, however, your pick-up or trailer must have a tailgate and be open on top.

Question: How big are your sacks of Sand & Gravel?

Answer: One cubic foot. Weight 85lb -100lb approx.

Question: Do you have safe sandbox sand?

Answer: Yes, our washed fine sand is great for sandboxes!

Concrete Truck Specs

Kenworth 10 Yard Concrete Mixer
Weight: 72,000 lbs Fully Loaded
Height: 12 ft 3 inches at the hopper
Width: 9 ft 7 inches at the mirrors
Width: 8 ft 7 inches at the wheel base
Length: 35 ft 3 inches
Chute Reach: 10 ft at 90 degrees and 12 ft straight back
Chute Height: 5 ft at Truck

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Sand & Gravel Truck Specs

International 10 Yard Dump Truck
Weight: 50,000 lbs Fully Loaded
Height: 9 feet 4 inches at the top of dump bed
Height: 17 feet 3 inches at full dump position
Width: 9 feet 6 inches at the mirrors
Width: 8 feet 5 inches at bed
Length: 23 feet 8 inches

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