Concrete admixtures are naturally occurring or processed chemicals which are “added” to concrete, while in a plastic state, to modify its properties. These modifications are made to enhance the performance of standard concrete mixes or change the normal working properties of typical concrete and are a benefit to virtually all the parties involved in a concrete placement. These “additions” to the mix can affect the concrete; as it is being produced, transported in the truck or while it is still fresh and being placed. Admixes of this variety are an aid to the Ready Mix Producer as well as the contractor placing the material. Admixtures which give cured/hardened concrete special properties such as durability, strength, chemical resistance, color, etc are a benefit to the owner or end user of a project. Concrete Admixes generally fall within the broad classifications of; air entrainment, set accelerators, set retarders, water reducers, superplasticizers and specialty. At Salmon Bay we use every variety of these admixes, in order to provide our customers with the specific mix of concrete that will meet their concrete performance needs.