Ecology Blocks

Ecology Blocks are large concrete blocks that are manufactured from left-over or unused concrete. Concrete is saved and turned into useful construction products instead of hauled to a land fill site. Ecology Blocks are often used for permanent/temporary retaining walls, bulkheads, storage bunkers for bulk materials and traffic dividers. They also have been used in many other creative applications in home & commercial projects. Please contact Salmon Bay for a quote on the Ecology Blocks you need for your project today. 206.784.1234

*Please note; That Salmon Bay produces the Ecology Blocks. You need to work with a licensed contractor for any shipping or placement of the blocks.

The blocks are cast into either a half block or a full block concrete form. A half block uses approximately a half yard and (you guessed it) a Full block uses approximately a full yard of concrete.

Dimensions & Specs:
Half Block:

  • 2’ X 2’ X 3’
  • Approx. 1900 lbs

Full Block:

  • 2’ X 2’ X 6’
  • Approx. 3850 lbs

Each block is cast with a 3” radius tongue and groove, for interlocking stability, in stacking applications. There is a picking eye of #5 rebar located in the spacing between the tongues in the top of each block. This is for loading/unloading and for placing the blocks with a crane or backhoe capable of lifting and moving up to 4000 lbs.

Cross Block Section- We are often asked, "How do they fit together?"

In stock Finishes

We make the blocks in several standard finishes: plain and cobble. The color and appearance of the Ecology blocks is inconsistent, due to the nature and mix of concrete that is being returned from job sites.