SBSG Bulk Aggregates

Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel sells 6 types of Bulk Aggregate at the Seattle plant located in Ballard. These high quality sand and gravel products can meet a variety of construction specifications and applications, as well as fill the needs of many homeowner and DIY projects. The appropriate aggregate can be blended with cement to make concrete, grout, mortar and stucco or used specifically for driveways, drainage or the backyard sand box. These products may be scheduled for delivery direct to your location or picked up in small loads with a utility trailer or pickup truck. In addition we can load Solo Dump Trucks out of our batch plant and barges pulled into our barge slip, if you have a larger project or one located on the water. For difficult placements or export shipments we can also supply our aggregates in Bulk Bags of various weights and yields.

Sand & Gravel Bulk Bags

Salmon Bay specializes in bulk bagged aggregates as well as blended Sand and Gravel Mixes. All of our regular aggregate materials can be ordered in bulk bag’s by the pound…

1/4 Minus Crushed Gravel

Our 1/4″ minus crushed gravel contains crushed aggregate that is 1/4″ to dust. It packs very tightly and offers better compaction and stability as a base for pavers, retaining walls,…

5/8 Minus Crushed Gravel

Also referred to as “CSTC” or Crushed Surface Top Coarse. This crushed gravel is primarily used for driveways and walkways. Best if not applied more than 2”in depth. Also makes…

5/8-3/8 Clean (no minus) Crushed Type 22 Pipe Bedding Gravel

Used primarily as bedding gravel for plumbing and sewer pipe. The required gravel for PVC pipe bedding in the city of Seattle. Also makes good sub-grade for concrete.

Washed Plaster or Masons Fine Sand

ASTM C897 & ASTM C144 The premier local sand used to make Plaster, Stucco and Mortar when blended properly with cement and lime or pre-blended concentrates. Also used as a…

Washed Building Sand

ASTM C33 & WSDOT Class 2 Sand used for making concrete both at the ready-mix plant and in the field. Can be used for backfilling utility ditches and a variety…

Washed Pea Gravel

Typically used in exposed aggregate concrete, hand mixed or small mixer “field produced” concrete, landscaping and children’s play areas. Difficult to drive or walk on. Graded from 3/8” to ¼”….minimal…

3/4” Minus Washed Gravel

ASTM C33 The basic concrete aggregate, excellent drainage gravel, suitable for landscaping Graded from 3/4” to pea gravel….minimal sand…not suited for drive or walk areas

1-1 ½” Minus Washed Gravel

ASTM C33 #4 Used for Street and Highway concrete paving projects, drainage & landscaping. Graded from 1 ½ to sand*….*may not be suitable for some drainage applications.