A Concrete company’s “MIXES” are the recipes it uses to produce the wide ranging variety of concrete its customers require. These mixes might be similar among competing Ready Mix companies or radically different depending upon past experience or specific customer needs. It’s all a matter of producing a concrete mix which will perform as intended and giving the customer the finished product that they need. Concrete is often viewed as a simple or basic element of construction, because it is composed of 4 simple basic ingredients; Cement, Fine Aggregate, Coarse Aggregate and Potable Water. After all how complicated can it be? Just mix them all together and you get concrete…..right? Actually it can be that simple, but overall it is a bit more complicated than that. The proportions of these 4 basic ingredients coupled with various Concrete Admixes, are what eventually evolve into the Concrete Companies “Mixes”. Salmon Bay currently has 1100 various mixes which we can and do produce. The variety of concrete produced needs to be extensive, in order to meet various building codes, engineering requirements, environmental issues, finished appearances and a multitude of other finish, function and performance factors. Construction professionals worldwide consider concrete as being one of constructions most versatile components. Right here in Seattle; whether you’re a construction professional or a first time DIY homeowner, Salmon Bay has the mixes that are versatile enough to meet your Ready Mix Concrete needs. For more information about concrete visit the Portland Cement Associations website:


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