Access Doors are doors or panels, which provide service access to the wall and ceiling areas of a building. Access Doors are either fire rated or non-rated and come in numerous styles and sizes, in order to accommodate a wide variety of interior wall and ceiling applications. Roof Hatches and Floor Doors are another type of access panel, which provide convenient access to the roof and floor areas of a building or office space. Smoke Vents are a variety of roof hatch, which vent the heat and smoke developed by a fire inside the building through the roof. They play a key role in the fire suppression and safety systems of many commercial buildings.

Salmon Bay is one of the largest single source distributors of Access Doors, Roof Hatches, Smoke Vents, Floor Doors, Fire Extinguishers Cabinets and Extinguishers in the Pacific Northwest. We represent and inventory products from Milcor, Williams Brothers, Babcock Davis, JL Industries and Bilco. Salmon Bay has an inventory of the basic type and sizes of Access Doors and Roof hatches in stock and will special order the other specialty products on a job by job basis. Our inside and outside sales staff is available to provide whatever level of sales consultation your project requires.