Plaster Products

Salmon Bay distributes all the basic varieties of United States Gypsum’s Interior Plaster products and is proud to be among USG’s oldest customers in North America.

USG IMPERIAL Gypsum Base-Firecode X Panels

USG Imperial® Gypsum Base, Firecode® X panels are designed for direct or resilient attachments to wood and steel framing. Solid gypsum lath with blue face paper designed for veneer plaster…

USG Moulding/Casting Plaster-30 Min.

Base performance, interior use plasters for general casting and binding applications. Contain no additives for special physical property enhancements such as paint absorption and chip-resistance.General purpose plaster where expansion, control,…

RED TOP Keenes Cement

Blends with lime putty to create durable, crack-resistant smooth- and sand-float finishes.Ideal for schools, hospitals and other ‘hard wear’ applications.

RED TOP Gauging Plaster

Provides smooth, spreading finishes for interior walls and ceilings. Three formulations -accommodating sanded basecoats and lightweight aggregated basecoats – produce tough, abrasion resistant surfaces.

RED TOP Gypsum Plaster

Conventional gypsum basecoat plaster helps create durable, sound- and fire-resistant interior walls. Easily conforms to a variety of wall and ceiling designs. Commonly known as Dual Purpose Basecoat Plaster, it…

STRUCTO-LITE Basecoat Plaster

USG Structo-Lite® Basecoat Plaster is USG’s lightest and most highly insulated basecoat plaster and is ideal for locations where an aggregate is unavailable. USG Structo-Lite® Basecoat Plaster is mill-mixed, perlite-aggregate…

USG IMPERIAL Basecoat Plaster

This high-strength, veneer plaster produces a hard, abrasion-resistant surface for commercial and residential applications where walls are exposed to significant traffic.

USG DIAMOND Veneer Finish Plaster

USG Diamond® Veneer Finish is perfect for light commercial and residential construction in single-family homes, high-rise buildings and garden apartments. USG Diamond® Veneer Finish dries in as little as 24…

USG IMPERIAL Veneer Plaster

USG Imperial® Veneer Finish is a high-strength finish plaster that yields exceptionally hard surfaces when used over USG Imperial® Gypsum Base, veneer or conventional high-strength sanded basecoats. The finish applies…