Sand & Gravel FAQs

How do I figure out the quantity I need to order?

Sand and Gravel is ordered by the cubic yard or fractions of a cubic yard. One cubic yard will cover approximately 81 square feet @ 4” in depth….4 inches is .33 of a foot (4/12=.33), multiply .33 x 81 sq. ft. = 27 cubic feet…..there are 27 cubic feet in 1 yard, so 27/27 = 1 cubic yard. Use our handy S&G Calculator to determine your needs, or to check your math.

What kind of gravel do I need?

Crushed gravel is suitable for parking areas driveways and walkways, because it compacts and doesn’t shift around as easily as round gravel. Round material used in these applications would be similar to trying to walk or drive through marbles. For drainage purposes or landscaping projects our round gravel would be the best choice.

Where does SBSG's Sand and Gravel come from?

Salmon Bay’s source of bulk aggregates is the State certified pit #B-335, located in DuPont, Washington.Our bulk sand and gravel is transported to Salmon Bay’s facilities, via barge through the Hiram Chittenden Locks, located in the Ballard area of Seattle.

Do you sell silica free “safe” sand box sand?

Yes we sell “safe” sand box sand in bulk or by the bag. All sand has some percentage of silica in it, ours has very little. White Sand is generally silica sand and this would not be appropriate for use in sand boxes. Our sand is fresh water washed and is typical in appearance to the gray sand you would find near most Puget Sound beaches.

Do you have a SDS for Sand & Gravel?

Yes! Please click this link to find out more.

Do you sell sand and gravel in bags?

Yes we sack our own bulk material, except for building sand and 1 ½ minus round gravel. We also have our crushed gravel in bags. All of our Salmon Bay products are sold in 1 cubic foot sacks and bulk bags. We also sell a variety of other specialty sands, which can be find on our “Sacked Sand and Gravel” page.

Do you deliver?

We can deliver our bulk products in a dump truck and our sacked materials on pallets with a flat bed truck. Delivery of very small quantities is expensive, in relation to the amount delivered, as compared to larger delivered quantities. This is due to the cost of the truck, driver, overhead being spread over a smaller quantity of product being delivered. For more information, visit our “Do We Deliver” page.

Can you “spread” the crushed gravel in my driveway?

Our drivers will do their best to spread your delivery, given the limitations they encounter at your location…. Overhead wires, trees, access, etc.

How do I order a delivery?

Determine what type of product you want to have delivered, the amount, when you want to have it delivered and contact our dispatch office 2 days prior.

How big are your trucks?

Please see our dump truck specifications by using this link.