As durable as Concrete and Masonry are considered to be…it is not uncommon to need to repair; uneven, weathered, cracked, broken, chipped or spawled concrete and masonry surfaces. Mother Nature and structural conditions can cause any of the above mentioned situations to occur with concrete and masonry. Because this is the case, Salmon Bay has assembled a host of assorted products to address these issues and fix not only the appearance, but also remedy some of the durability and strength requirements of these two essential building materials.

Concrete repairs can be either horizontal or vertical in nature and masonry fixes are typically vertical. Both types of repairs generally involve a Portland cement based product that has been blended with of a variety of specialized admixes and a type of fine aggregate. Depending upon the usage these products can vary in consistency from mashed potatoes to pancake batter…it’s just a matter of the type of material being repaired, the job conditions and the nature of the repair being done. Our sales professionals have years of experience in this area and can offer suggestions which are appropriate to your needs. Please feel free to come in and see us in Ballard or contact us by phone or the internet…we’ll do our level best to serve you.