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Ecology Blocks

Ecology Blocks are large concrete blocks, which are manufactured from left-over or unused concrete. Concrete, that in years gone-by would have been dumped and wasted or hauled to a land fill site, is saved and turned into a useful construction product, hence the term Ecology Block. The blocks are cast into either a half block or a full block and use nearly a half or a full yard of concrete respectively. The dimensions for these blocks are 2’ X 2’ X 3’ for a half block and 2’ X 2’ X 6’ for a full block. Each block is cast with a 3” radius tongue and groove, for interlocking stability, in stacking applications. The full blocks weigh approximately 3850 lbs and the half blocks are 1900 lbs. There is a picking eye of #5 rebar located in the spacing between the tongues in the top of each block. This picking eye is suitable for loading, unloading and for placing the blocks with a crane or backhoe capable of lifting and moving 4000 lbs, in the case of a full block. (Please note; that while Salmon Bay can offer delivery and unloading of E-Blocks, we cannot place nor perform any type of construction work at your project.) We make the blocks in 3 finished styles; scratched & framed, plain and cobble as you can see from the illustrations below. The color and appearance of the blocks is fairly random and inconsistent, due to the nature and mix of concrete that is being returned from jobsites.

Ecology Blocks are most often used for permanent or temporary retaining walls, bulkheads, storage bunkers for bulk materials and traffic diverters, however, they have been used in many other creative applications as well. Please contact Salmon Bay for a quote on the Ecology Blocks you need for your project today.