Salmon Bay carries masonry products and supplies for the Masons and Masonry Restoration contractors of the greater Seattle area. While we are not a Brick Yard or Brick supplier we do carry many of the difficult to find products needed for residential and commercial masonry projects. The homeowner/DIY’ers can also locate products and materials for their uses, conveniently located at our Ballard location. Among the products we carry are; Natural Stone Veneers, Concrete Blocks (CMU), Clay Flue Liners, Fire Brick, Chimney Caps, Refractory Mortar, common Type S & N Mortars, Masonry Cleaning, Restoration and Waterproofing products. We also handle a line of cast iron Clean-Out and Ash Dumps for masonry fireplaces. No need to drive a great distance, if you are a contractor, work or live in Seattle and need any of these assorted Masonry Products & Supplies….just come to Salmon Bay.