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Tools for The Trowel Trades

For generations tradesmen who have made a living with a trowel in their hands have come to Salmon Bay for the tools of their trade. Concrete Finishers, Plasterers and Masons have found the tools which they have needed at Salmon Bay, since Seattle was in its infancy. Our extensive inventory has the most popular and hard to find tools needed to do the job right. If by chance we don’t have the tool you are looking for, we know where to get it for you. We have shipped tools all over the world to workers making a living in the “Trowel Trades”, so if you can’t make it in to our store just let us know what you need and where to ship it and we’ll take care of the rest.

Listed below are the leading manufacturers of tools for the trowel trades. Use our convenient “Do We Supply it QuickCheck” to compile your list of must have trade tools from Salmon Bay. Just enter one or more of the following; the company name, company catalog number or the generic name of the tool you are looking for, in our QuickCheck search tool and hit the search key. Hopefully we will have the tool you are searching for in stock and ready to make some money for you. To confirm that we do.…just give us a call or shoot us an email. If you’re a Mason, Plasterer, Cement Finisher or just need the tools a professional would use…give Salmon Bay a try.