The starting point of any Stucco or Plaster job is the initial work of a skilled Lather.

The proper installation of the components that go on the wall before the scratch coat, in a Stucco project, often determines how well the exterior surface will perform over time. In the case of an interior plaster application, the overall appearance of the finished wall depends on how well it is lathed, before the plasterer’s trowel even touches the surface. Salmon Bay carries the Northwest’s most extensive inventory of lath, wire, and trim products, from the basic items to the more exotic Aluminum, Vinyl and Zinc trims that are typically hard to find. If we don’t happen to have it in stock, our sales and purchasing staff won’t have a problem with placing a special order for you, since we deal with the nation’s largest suppliers of these products on a regular basis.We are your best choice when it comes to Lathing Materials. Call us today.