One of the earliest forms of interior finishes, applied to wall surfaces, was Gypsum Plaster. Plaster in its various forms has been around for centuries, beautifully decorating the interior walls of Religious Sanctuaries, Government Buildings, Commercial Structures and Private Residences. Its free forming beauty and durability create a feeling of solid elegance in all its various applications. While still used regularly in all but residential development, Gypsum Plaster remains a very popular choice in many phases of Commercial construction. Today residential construction favors a cheaper and less durable product we commonly know as drywall. Plastering like many of the trowel trades, hasn’t crossed over flawlessly as a DIY process and is generally applied by a skilled professional.

Salmon Bay distributes all the basic varieties of United States Gypsum’s Interior Plaster products and is proud to be among USG’s oldest customers in North America.