Often overlooked when thinking of admixes, cement is really the most basic of admixes. Adding more to a mix of concrete, increases the strength, adds durability, improves pumpability, makes the mix easier to finish, accelerates the set time….and that’s not even a complete listing of the benefits derived from adding cement to concrete. More cement is a good thing when considering an admix for concrete.

Salmon Bay specializes in bulk bagged Cement as well as aggregates,blended sand and gravel Mixes. All our regular materials can be ordered in bulk bag’s by the pound / ton / increment of a yard. Our customers regularly will call or have us ship bulk bags to their job locations around Puget Sound and even Alaska via container. Additionally we can supply most of our other aggregate products ranging from Sand Blasting Media to Silica Sand by the bulk bag too. From one bag to multiple shipping container’s we can supply your project. Call today (206) 784-1234