Concrete Stain,Sealers, Color Hardeners and Releases

Sika has acquired L.M. Scofield, a US-based market leader in the production of concrete color additives for ready-mixed concrete, along with decorative products and treatments for concrete refurbishment. Scofield offers a comprehensive range of color solutions to serve customers in the fast-growing decorative concrete market of North America, and generated sales of CHF 17 million in 2015.


Concrete Stain

The name L.M. Scofield Company represents the oldest and one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business of Decorative Concrete Manufacturing. This recognition comes from more than 90 years in the industry, creating high standards for products that form a virtually unlimited menu for coloring and texturing concrete. Salmon Bay sells Scofield LITHOCHROME® Chemstain® Classic and LITHOCHROME® Tintura™ Stain.


LITHOCHROME ® Chemstain® Classic

LITHOCHROME Chemstain Classic is the ready-to-use, penetrating, reactive stain that chemically reacts with the surface of cured concrete to produce unique and permanent color effects. Chemstain can be applied full strength, blended or diluted for a multitude of creative color effects.


LITHOCHROME® Tintura™ Stain

LITHOCHROME Tintura is a high-performance, self-priming, low-odor reactive polymer stain for coloring concrete surfaces. It is designed for use as a primer/basecoat beneath clear solvent or waterborne acrylic, urethane or epoxy sealers. Tintura is VOC compliant in all jurisdictions of the United States.


Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Liquid Dye Concentrate is the penetrating, translucent dye concentrate designed to color interior concrete surfaces prior to being sealed, densified, or polished. Designed for easy job-site dilution, simply add to one gallon of acetone and mix thoroughly. The mixed dye is ready to use in minutes.



CEMENTONE Clear Concrete Sealer produces a low-maintenance film that can improve resistance to deicing salts, many chemicals, weather, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It reduces surface staining from incidental contact with materials such as automotive oil, grease, and food spills.  Cementone protects multicolored, colored or uncolored concrete and cementitious toppings.


SCOFIELD Cureseal-S is a clear solvent based curing and sealing material developed for use on interior and exterior concrete. Cureseal-S is available in a gloss or matte finish and will darken the color of colored concrete surfaces. It may be used to protect horizontal or vertical quarry tile, brick, block, stone, exposed aggregate or cementitious surfaces.


SCOFIELD Cureseal-W is a clear water-based concrete curing compound and sealer developed for use on interior and exterior colored or uncolored concrete. Cureseal-W will provide minimal alteration to color. It is a medium-duty sealer with a low-gloss finish.


SCOFIELD® SelectSeal Plus™ is a waterborne concrete sealer which produces a gloss that is comparable to most solvent-based sealers. It does this with low odor, so you can use it on the interiors of most buildings. Selectseal Plus utilizes a unique proprietary technology that provides superior wet slip resistance while forming a tough stain and abrasion resistant finish that is superior to most solvent-based sealers.

SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover

Proguard Duracover is a flexible, durable material that will protect interior flooring from harsh construction environments both before and after installation. Proguard Duracover can be easily removed at the completion of the project, requiring minimal clean up.


Color Hardener

LITHOCHROME Color Hardener

Lithochrome Color hardener is a ready-to-use, powdered dry-shake hardener used to add color into the surface of freshly placed concrete. It produces a hard, long-wearing, abrasion-resistant surface. Color-hardened concrete has improved resistance to the effects of freeze-/thaw cycles and de-icing salts. It is ideal for pedestrian or vehicular traffic both indoors or out.



24 standard colors.

**See color selection chart LITHOCHROME Color Hardener A-132. Custom colors can be ordered.


50 lb. bags and pails 10 lb. pails

Recommended application rates:

Residential projects: Two applications which total 50 lbs/100 ft2. One package. Commercial projects: Two to three applications which total 90 lbs/100 ft2. Light colors require: Two to three applications which total 90-120 lbs/100 ft2. Heavy duty uses require: Three applications which total 120 lbs/100 ft2.

Ideal uses:

In conjunction with imprinted concrete.
When a lighter or brighter concrete color is desired.
When a bold color is desired.
On interior new concrete when a more monochromatic appearance is desired. Cannot be used over cementitious toppings.


Determine the amount of material needed.
Broadcast material onto the surface by hand or with a mechanical spreader. Floating should be done with a wood float, so that the surface remains open and the material gets fully worked in.

Keys to success:

Use proper dosage rate.
Broadcast evenly onto the surface.
Work in with wood bull float.
Use more finishers than you would on regular gray concrete.

Curing, sealing and maintenance:

For best results use high quality curing compounds such as:

COLORCURE® Concrete Sealer

Choose from eight distinctive colors of Scofield’s LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener, available at Salmon Bay.

page1image2968592A-55 Pecan Tan


A-51 Steadman Buff


A-59 Beige Cream


A-53 Arizona Tan


4948 Smoke Beige


A-33 Classic Gray


A-57 Platinum Gray


5183 Stone Gray



Stamped Concrete Checklist:

LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters® Stamp Tools

LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener (base color)

LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release (accent color)


Scofield Liquid Release BG

Scofield Liquid Release BG is a low-cost bubble gum scented release and bond breaker for use in the concrete stamping process. Application of Liquid Release BG to the concrete surface and stamps prior to stamping will prevent the transfer of the wet paste to the stamping mat. It may also be applied to tools to prevent them from marring patterns in fresh concrete and may be used when stamping or texturing cementitious overlays. Liquid Release BG will not damage integrally colored concrete and is suitable for use with most color hardeners. It will evaporate completely, leaving no residue, and will not interfere with the application of solvent-borne sealers. Liquid Release BG is not intended for use as a bond breaker for tilt-up construction.

 Product Benefits:

• Pleasant scent
• Economical
• Easy to use
• Easy clean up of stamp

 Areas of Application:

Apply over fresh concrete or overlays that will be imprinted with stamping tools.


Concrete Surface: 200 sf per gallon.

Stamps and Tools: 400 sf per gallon

Stone Gray, Walnut, Pecan Tan, Classic Gray and Deep Charcoal.

LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release

LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release is an odorless, high-performance, colored, powder stamp tool release. Use it to improve the ease of separating concrete stamp tools, embossing skins or texturing tools from the freshly placed concrete or cementitious materials they imprint. LITHOCHROME Antiquing Release adds variegated color to the imprint, and can increase the perceived depth of stamp patterns.

Apply LITHOCHROME Antiquing Release to the entire surface to be textured immediately prior to stamping. Its hydrophobic nature will help prevent the wet cementitious material from sticking to the pattern tool, and improve print quality.


Antiquing Release application requires the 6 steps of Broadcasting,Stamping, Standing, Excess Removal, Curing, and Sealing. The careful timing of each step, and repeatedly using a single application technique,is important to develop consistent results. Application to younger more plastic concrete will embed more of the release into the surface and will result in more significant color effect. Stamping more fully cured concrete will embed less color. Timing will be influenced by temperature and humidity conditions.
For most applications, a rate of 3-4 pounds per 100 square feet is desired
(1.5-2.0 kg/10m 2). Stamping speed, technique used, depth of imprint, and
substrate composition will all impact the exact coverage needed. Enough
material must be applied to create a dry boundary layer between the
material to be stamped and the imprinting tool.
Choose from a variety of colors found on Scofield’s CHROMIX® Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete, and LITHOCHROME Color Hardener.
Sika Scofield