Jet Set Concrete Repair is a cementitious, high performance product which is modified with polymers, plasticizers and proprietary additives that enhance performance under adverse conditions. It is engineered to meet virtually all of a contractors repair needs. SBSG stocks Jet Set Concrete Complete Repair.


Jet Set Complete Repair

JET SET COMPLETE REPAIR is a high performance patch product engineered for Structural Patches and all Purpose Concrete Repair. Suitable for patching concrete pipe, precast concrete or vertical and overhead concrete surfaces. 8-10 minute initial set time

Jet Plug

JET PLUG is a high performance repair product engineered for stopping water leaks. Plugging various types of breaches. 2-3 minute initial set time

Jet Pour

JET POUR is an extremely strong anchoring cement with exceptional pullout characteristics. It is intended for virtually all interior applications. Mix to a pourable consistency.

Jet Set Cement Corp