Dryvit Outsulation® system was brought to the United States by Dryvit in 1969-  it was truly a cladding system ahead of its time! Thermal bridging at the stud line and its inherent energy loss is the single largest challenge with traditional framed buildings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the antidote to thermally inefficient, and largely under-insulated, buildings is Continuous Insulation (CI). National code bodies agree. In fact, CI has been required on most new construction since October 2013. When CI is incorporated into the building wall, thermal bridging is eliminated, controlling energy flow, conserving energy and reducing annual operating costs. That means lower heating and cooling costs year after year, and a more comfortable building for tenants, employees and customers alike. CI has been an inherent component of the Dryvit Outsulation® system since its inception.

Continuous Insulation by Dryvit:
  • Outsulation®

    Outsulation® System

  • Outsulation® Plus MD

    Outsulation® Plus MD System

  • Outsulation® RMD

    Outsulation® RMD

  • Outsulation® HDCI™

    Outsulation HDCI system…. High Durability Continuous Insulation

  • Outsulation® LCMD 1-5

    Outsulation® LCMD Systems 1-5

  • Outsulation® MD

    Outsulation® MD System®

  • Outsulation® PE

    Outsulation® PE System™

  • Outsulation® X

    Outsulation® X System