This hybrid concrete is gaining in popularity, as we adapt to the “greening” of developments and the retrofitting of existing hardscapes. Pervious Concrete is a highly permeable surface, which reduces water runoff and allows surface water to penetrate into the substrate. Various aspects of the project need to be taken into account prior to the placement of the product. Consequently, consultation with experienced concrete personnel and a qualified Pervious contractor is suggested prior to beginning a project. “In-place” Pervious projects are generally 25% to 30% more expensive than those using standard mixes, prep and placement methods. These mixes have a cement content in the 5 ¼ to 6 sack range and contain no fine aggregates….only large coarse aggregate is in the mix. The thickness of the placement depends on the load rating required i.e., sidewalks don’t have to be as deep as driveways. The substrate must be over excavated to accommodate properly graded aggregates, which will provide adequate drainage. Pervious Concrete will only remain pervious, if properly maintained.

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