Safeguard your jobsite and allow your team to continue outperforming with one of Norseman’s insulated blankets. Lightweight and flexible, these blankets maintain superior insulation properties over time, making this gear ideal for curing concrete, hoarding applications and ground thaw. Our blankets are also manufactured to be “true to size,” so your crew won’t have any surprises when using these on the job.

Norseman’s Insulated Blankets provide uncompromising, relentless protection for your workers, keeping your jobsite a
high-performance environment and allowing your crews to excel.

  • Designed to withstand punishing conditions.
  • Manufactured to maintain their exceptional structural integrity over time. Thanks to their “true size,” our blankets provide maximum coverage with no surprises.
  • Crafted meticulously to be lightweight and flexible while maintaining their superior insulation properties.
  • Ideal for curing concrete, hoarding applications, and ground thaw.
  • Combine with Norseman’s advanced heat ducting for a high-performance Thermal System that addresses all of your heating needs.